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Gyan Putra - Support for School Children


Progress Report 2015 - 2016

Dear members, dear school sponsors, dear friends of the association,

at the end of the year, we would like to report about the school.
At the moment 658 pupils visit the school, 285 girls and 400 boys.
33 new pupils were admitted to the Gyan Putra scheme. All in all, the scheme provides for 170 girls and 80 boys this school year.

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A Letter to friends, sponsors and members

Kiel, 08.02.2014

Dear members, sponsors and friends of our Society,

Maybe you have been waiting for news of our school in Jadan – here they come:

In January 2014 I travelled to India, and of course, I took the opportunity for a tour of our school during school hours. Once again I noticed how well the donations were used.

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Progress Report - 2013-2014

Currently 1350 students attend the school. Due to cost savings, which are urgently needed, no new students can be included in the next two years. To allow as many children continue to visit the school, some of the costs have been shifted to the families who are able to afford this.

School buses pick up the external students from the currently 12 surrounding villages and bring them back home.

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Progress Report - 2011-2012

The school expanded its technical achievements, and in 20 classrooms, there are now interactive whiteboards with projector. Our school is the first school in the district Pali that works with such technology.

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