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Gyan Putra - Support for School Children


Progress Report 2016 - 2017

Dear members, dear schoolsponsors, dear friends of the association,

Now the 17 year old buses with 55 seats will be replaced. Their maintenance costs are too high and make the use too expensive. It is our good luck that just right now one medical college in Jodhpur shuts, so they offer us two buses built in 2010. They are in a relatively good shape and condition. Our school can buy them at a low price. These two buses have 44 seats each, so they are smaller and thus easier to drive on the challenging rural roads in this area, which are full of thorny trees, bushes and holes. With our school sponsorships and other donations, these Now the organizers of our school in Jadan are planning the new school year that starts in July.

The examinations for the 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th classes are done, and all those responsible hope now that the work done by the girls and boys will yield good results, and that they will achieve their goals. Results come in May.

During school summer holidays there is always time for the necessary repairs on the 10 school buses. During the last year, two buses were completely renewed, and the third will be finished next week.

The girls and boys were especially happy about the new seats. They feel they have a new bus again!

With the help of our sponsorships and other donations these new expenses can be covered.

Now I would like to pass on an information of a change to those of you, who could not attend the last summer seminar. Vishwaguruji told us that the organizers in Jadan were no longer able to get along with the sponsorship fee.

So please note:

From this year on the membership fee per year is € 95 (or € 8 per month). So please, therefore you are kindly asked to adapt your permanent order at your bank respectivly, if possible.

Thank you very much.

The school works well. The students learn a lot and they are proud to be able to attend this school. After finishing school, many of them continue their education in various colleges.

Our ex-pupils get state jobs, which are high respected and desired in India, because they are well paid and socially secured.

Often they return to our school on special occasions (such as on their wedding day) with full gratitude. They report on their professions, their achievments and lives. When they come for a visit, it is always full of joy.

It is also pleasant for their teachers and former organizers to witness their development and to hear about their success.

All this would not be possible without our help - so thank you!