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Great News about Examinations 2024


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On 3 June 2024, Vishwaguruji blessed the students of Shree Vishwa Deep Gurukul Senior Secondary School and Shree Paramhans Swami Madhavanand College who achieved outstanding results in the recent school and university examinations.

Traditionally, our Gyan Putra students are among the best in the district in the 12th class Arts examinations: Rinku Jat achieved the best result in the Marwar Junction Division with 96.4 % and the tenth-best overall result in the Pali district among the more than 10000 students who took part in the examinations. Just a few points behind were other Gyan Putris, Chanchal Gujjar, who scored 95.2% and Bhavani Singh with 91.4%.

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In the 10th class examinations, 10 students scored more than 80%.

College students (including many former Gyan Putris) also achieved top results at university, especially in science. 

 We congratulate all students on passing their exams!

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