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Gyan Putra - Support for School Children


Progress Report 2015 - 2016

Dear members, dear school sponsors, dear friends of the association,

at the end of the year, we would like to report about the school.
At the moment 658 pupils visit the school, 285 girls and 400 boys.
33 new pupils were admitted to the Gyan Putra scheme. All in all, the scheme provides for 170 girls and 80 boys this school year.

The Gyan Putra project especially supports girls and poor boys from large families. This means that they do not need to pay school fees. In the school year 2016/2017 around 20,000 € are needed for the Gyan Putra project, 15,000 € for repairing the buses.
83 students, 43 female and 40 male, are taught in the college. Three new subjects were applied for, political science, philosophy and social science. Around 8,000 € are needed for their implementation.
Maintenance works are continuing. The renovation of the Swastika (hostel) is almost completed. At the moment, a septic tank and a sewage system are needed for the hostel kitchen to prevent the pollution of the rain water which is collected in the Talab. In order to complete this work, the people in charge in Jadan estimated an amount of 20,000 €.
All works are necessary for the preservation of the building. Only then high quality lessons can be guaranteed.

We contribute to enabling a better future for pupils, especially girls and help to realise Vishwaguruji’s vision. 5,000 € are still missing for the overall amount.

It would be very nice if we could all support our school project once more.

In the name of committee of the association, I wish all of you a merry and blessed Christmas time and a happy new year.

Elke Deppert - Diwali
Chairwoman of the association