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Gyan Putra - Support for School Children

About the School

Progress Report

School Years

July 2002

The school has 147 students in 5 classes in provisional buildings.


The school runs 10 classes and a preschool (kindergarden). The number of students is 365 (including 52 students in boarding school). Twelve computers will be purchased to allow students a modern education. A cricket field is established and the school is equipped with additional sports equipment, which enables the students to participate in various sporting competitions in the district.


In the school year 2006/2007, 450 students visited the school. They are taught by 24 teachers. Additional activities (eg. horseback riding, yoga, computer training, learning support) is available to students in the boarding school.


Inauguration of the new school building with 28 classrooms, 4 special rooms (biology, chemistry, computer science, physics), a library, and a gym.

The school provides room for 700 students.


925 students from the 1st to the 12th grade.

The school has an excellent reputation in the district and there are more applications than new includings are possible. Therefore, the school building will be extended to provide a space for 2,000 students.

The big news from Jadan is that the expansion of the school building has started to the next construction phase. The school will receive 32 additional classrooms, which means that we will be able in the future to include more than 1700 students! Once the construction is completed, the building of the College will begin. This building will accommodate 700 students, who can study there until the bachelor's and master's degree.


All in all, we now have about 1,400 students at the school! A great response by the citizens. Meanwhile, the construction work for the installation of additional classrooms is in progress.


This year, 1263 students attend the school. 357 of them are girls. In the university were 96 students, 49 of them girls and 47 boys.


The school expanded its technical achievements, and in 20 classrooms, there are now interactive whiteboards with projector. Our school is the first school in the district Pali that works with such technology.


Currently 1350 students attend the school. Due to cost savings, which are urgently needed, no new students can be included in the next two years. To allow as many children continue to visit the school, some of the costs have been shifted to the families who are able to afford this.

School buses pick up the external students from the currently 12 surrounding villages and bring them back home.

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